Slayer Espresso - 2 or 3 groups coffee machines, the gateway to flavor profiling.
Steam LP/LPX
Slayer Steam LP/LPX - featuring programmable pre and post infusion, 2 or 3 groups.
Steam EP
Slayer Steam EP - premier espresso machines for the best coffee taste.

La Cimbali

S 20
La Cimbali S20 - premium fully automatic espresso machines.
S 30
La Cimbali S30 - professional fully automatic espresso machine.
M 100
La Cimbali M100 - eco-friendly as well as high performance professional coffee machine.
Undici - practical, compact and modern espresso coffee machine.
M34 Selectron
La Cimbali M34 Selectron - professional automatic eco-friendly coffee machines.


Round filter
Bonamat Round filter - large amount of fresh filter coffee that can be made quickly.
THa 10
Bonamat THa 10 allows you to quickly and easily prepare coffee in locations with water supply.
Matic series
Quick filter machines Matic - for Ho.Re.Ca. with connection to the water supply.


Elektra Barlume - Italian espresso machines with exact brewing and original design.
Belle Epoque
Elektra Belle Epoque - coffee maker with a large steam production and unique form.


Bunn ICBA - professional coffee brewer for medium consumption (11.4 liters tank).


Super Jolly for Grocery
Mazzer Super Jolly for Grocery - the best solution for places, where coffee is not the core business.
Super Jolly Electronic
Mazzer Super Jolly Electronic - grinder for Ho.Re.Ca. with regular coffee consumption.
Major for Grocery
Major for Grocery - grinders for shops with average sales of coffee.
Major Electronic
Mazzer Major Electronic - grinder-doser with flat blades suitable for medium/high consumption.
Kony Electronic
Mazzer Kony Electronic - grinder-doser for places with average coffee consumption.
Robur Electronic
Mazzer Robur Electronic - electronic grinder-doser for places with high coffee consumption.
Coffee Grinder ZM
Mazzer ZM - electronic coffee grinder with cutting-edge technology and new functionalities.
Mazzer DR100
Coffee Grinder Mazzer DR100 - for places with medium or high consumption.