Mazzer Major for grocery Oslo
  • Mazzer Major for grocery Oslo
  • Mazzer Major for grocery
  • Mazzer Major for grocery Oslo
  • Mazzer Major for grocery
  • Mazzer Major for grocery Oslo

Major for Grocery

Coffee grinder Mazzer Major for Grocery is the best option for grinding coffee in Ho.Re.Ca. with medium consumption.
  • Copes with heavy loads,
  • does not require frequent loading of grains,
  • power 650 W,
  • available in grey color,
  • high-performance,
  • grinding adjustment.
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  • Highly effective Grinding system for up to 700 grams of coffee per minute.
  • Italian quality High precision and uniformity of grinding.
  • Practical Large capacity for coffee beans, convenient holder for bags.
Power 650 W
Grinding blades Flat Ø 83 mm
Grinding blades speed 1400 r.p.m.
Grinding capacity with medium/fine fineness 0,4-0,7 kg/min
Coffee-bean container capacity 1,8 kg
Net weight 18 kg

Mazzer Major for Grocery


The company uses only the best materials for the production of grinding machines. This helps to keep the aroma of coffee. So, the main task of Mazzer is to preserve the coffee’s flovour.

Each grinder is built neatly. In addition, the production uses special technologies to build the best blades.

Thanks to the high-quality Mazzer products, you can have ground coffee that satisfies even the most demanding palate.

Mazzer: Your best choice in coffee grinding.


Mazzer Major for Grocery Oslo


Gastropartner AS (Oslo) is ready to help you to choose the correct coffee grinder Mazzer according to your needs. As well as we provide annual maintenance of these products. Contact us for more info.