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Coffee Grinder ZM

Mazzer ZM - high tech electronic professional coffee grinder for the best coffee taste. Mazzer ZM Oslo has:
  • micrometrical digital grind adjustment mechanism,
  • ventilation system with electronic control,
  • low coffee retention, less than 0.45 g.,
  • available in pure white, silver and matt black colors,
  • digital flipping display.

Digital grinder ZM has passed the Qualified Testing protocol by World Coffee Events (WCE) in 2017.

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  • Lockable canister Patented device to keep coffee grounders from getting on the counter.
  • Memory program You can record up to 20 grinding settings. With individual names for each setting.
  • Quickly to use Four programmable buttons for fast recipe recallrecipe.
  • Easy to clean Easy access to the grinding chamber for cleaning and burr replacement thanks to a digital display that flips to the side.
  • Cooling system This helps to preserve the security of coffee from the effects of temperature and keep maximum aroma.
  • True Zero calibration The electronic calibration ensures that the ZM grinding settings are identical from grinder to grinder, from café to café.
Mazzer ZM white White
Mazzer silver Silver
Mazzer ZM black Black


Power 900 W
Grinding blades Flat Ø 83 mm
Grinding blades speed 900 r.p.m.
Grinding capacity with medium/fine fineness 0,65 kg/min
Coffee-bean container capacity 0,32 kg
Net weight 35 kg

Mazzer ZM Oslo: features

Coffee grinder ZM has the following features:

First, flat burrs specifically designed and tested to grind:

  • espresso with 151B (spare part),
  • filter coffee with 151F (factory fitted),
  • 151G (spare part).

Second, the factory’s produced the digital grind adjustment. It helps to control the distance between the burs in Microns. That’s why the grind setting is understable, accurate and repeatable.

Third, Smart Knob help to navigate the menu easily.


Mazzer Oslo

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