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About Mazzer

Mazzer Luigi S.p.A. (Italy) was founded between the two World Wars by Luigi Mazzer. It produces professional high-quality coffee grinders with various capacities for individual needs.

  • Precision adjustment of grinding and dosage of ground coffee,
  • high standart products, that serve you for many years,
  • low noise level.
Coffee grinders Mazzer
Super Jolly for Grocery
Mazzer Super Jolly for Grocery - the best solution for places, where coffee is not the core business.
Super Jolly Electronic
Mazzer Super Jolly Electronic - grinder for Ho.Re.Ca. with regular coffee consumption.
Major for Grocery
Major for Grocery - grinders for shops with average sales of coffee.
Major Electronic
Mazzer Major Electronic - grinder-doser with flat blades suitable for medium/high consumption.
Kony Electronic
Mazzer Kony Electronic - grinder-doser for places with average coffee consumption.
Robur Electronic
Mazzer Robur Electronic - electronic grinder-doser for places with high coffee consumption.
Coffee Grinder ZM
Mazzer ZM - electronic coffee grinder with cutting-edge technology and new functionalities.
Mazzer DR100
Coffee Grinder Mazzer DR100 - for places with medium or high consumption.
Mazzer Service Oslo
  • High experience service

    We have been repairing equipment for 30 years.

  • Our workers constantly improve their knowledges attending sources in Mazzer Company.

  • We use new technologies in our every day work.

Mazzer Service Oslo
  • Fast service

    Availability of parts for repair.

  • Possibility of maintenance on the day when you make service order.

  • Understanding your needs in quick work.

Mazzer Oslo


Super Jolly for Grocery Super Jolly Electronic Major for Grocery Major Electronic Kony Electronic Robur Electronic ZM DR100
Power, W 350 350 650 650 450 900 900 1000
Grinding blades, Ø mm Flat 64 Flat 64 Flat 83 Conical 83 Conical 63 Conical 71 Flat 83 Flat 100
Grinding blades speed, r.p.m. 1400 1400 1400 1400 420 420 900 1400
Grinding capacity with medium/fine fineness, kg/min 0,15-0,22 0,4-0,7 0,65 0,65
Coffee-bean container capacity, kg 1,2 1,2 1,8 1,8 1,3 1,8 0,32 1,8
Net weight, kg 13 14 18 20 20 28 35 42