La Cimbali M100 silver coffee machine
  • La Cimbali M100 silver coffee machine
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  • La Cimbali M100 Oslo

M 100

La Cimbali M100 - new professional machine. It gives your the best opportunity for making coffee and creamy cappuccinos.

  • energy saving technologies,
  • produced with recyclable materials
  • high performance,
  • touchscreen commands,
  • elegant design.
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  • Smart Boiler Increases the production of hot water and steam as well as reduces energy consumption.
  • Ruveco Teck Drastically reduces the release of metals in coffee and cappuccino.
  • USB You can easily connect the coffee maker to the most advanced technology as well as update it later.
  • Bluetooth The doser-dispenser constantly and automatically communicates with the coffee machine. Automatic adjustment of grinding by dose and granulometry provides ideal extraction.
  • Thermal Efficiency A special thermal material isolates the boiler. This decreases energy consumption and wear of the boiler, resistors and other components.
  • TurboSteam Cold Touch Supports the cold surface before, during and after the steam delivery as well as while the milk is foaming. This also ensures easy and safe cleaning.
La Cimbali M100 DT2

La Cimbali M100 DT2 Oslo


La Cimbali M100 DT3 Oslo


La Cimbali M100 DT4 Oslo

Dimensions L x D x H, mm

817 x 559 x 605

1017 x 559 x 605

1217 x 559 x 605

Weight, kg

95 109 120

Installed power at

6000 – 7100

6700 – 8000

7800 – 9200

Hot water&steam boiler capacity, liter

10 10 10

Coffee boiler capacity, liter

0,4 x 2 

0,4 x 3 0,4 x 4
La Cimbali M100 Oslo

This coffee machine is one of the best coffee machines for the most demanding baristas. It gives an opportunity to demonstrate creativity and variety for making delicious coffee. Your customers will be delighted.

Moreover, this coffee machine has several advantages to improve your business.

First, energy-saving technologies will allow to organize an eco-friendly business. It uses recyclable materials and modern technologies that will save energy. To keep up with the times – to earn money correctly, taking into account the environmental protection.

Second, modern technologies simplify the adjustment of this machine. As well as you can easily update the software.

Third, the perfect design of La Cimbali M100 will fit into the room with any interior – from classics to High-Tech.

La Cimbali M100 Oslo

Gastropartner: sell, maintenance, guarantee and after-warranty service of coffee machines Cimbali in Oslo. Buying coffee machines in our company, you get a reliable partner. We care about our customers. Our principle is quality and timely service.