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M34 Selectron

The automatic coffee machines La Cimbali M34 Selectron are able to make delicious and unforgettable coffee. These are high-tech models with an exclusive design.
  • Italian quality in minute parts,
  • energy-saved models,
  • made of recyclable materials,
  • advanced electronics,
  • command panel constantly back-lit with LEDs,
  • full-touch capacitive selection keys,
  • 4 models.
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  • Turbosteam milk4 At the same time, you can prepare 4 different coffee with the temperature and foaming level for each recipe. With foam or without it.
  • Eco-friendly Produced from recyclable materials. Energy Saving mode - energy-saved technology.
  • Thermodrive Barista can get the ideal temperature for a classic coffee as well as to set a different temperature without reducing the pressure in the boiler.
  • Ruveco Teck technology Reduction of metal emissions in beverages due to a special patented covering material.
  • Smart Boiler This helps to always have sufficient level of steam and water, even if the machine is used intensively.
  • Easy to maintain Wi-Fi. USB. Bluetooth. Microprocessor for programming portions of coffee and hot water.
Models Dimensions L x D x H, mm Weight, kg

La Cimbali M34 DT2 selectron Oslo

770x510x510 70

La Cimbali M34 DT2VA selectron Oslo

770x510x577 70

La Cimbali M34 DT3 selectron Oslo

970x510x510 85

La Cimbali M34 DT3VA selectron Oslo

970x510x577 85


Models Power supply, Hz Power at, kW


380-415V3N 50/60

220-240V3 50/60



220-240V 50/60 4.2-4.9 or 3.0-3.4


380-415V3N 50/60

220-240V3 50/60

220-240V 50/60

About La Cimbali M34

The coffee machines La Cimbali M34 Selectron have a special Energy Saving mode. Barista can activate this function manually. When the machine is not in use, it is ppossible to press the OK button and within 3 seconds the mode will be active. When you need to use it again, just press any key. After 60-90 seconds the coffee machine will again be ready for use.

The next advantage of this models are The Perfect Grinding System. The coffee machines are connected via Bluetooth to the dispenser and tell it what adjustments should be made to the grinding setting. This process is performed automatically.


La Cimbali M34 Oslo

For more information, you can contact Gastropartner AS (specifications, price, service or maintenance coffee machines La Cimbali M34 Oslo, Norway).