Elektra Belle Epoque Oslo service
  • Elektra Belle Epoque Oslo
  • Elektra Belle Epoque service
  • Elektra Belle Epoque Oslo service
  • Elektra Belle Epoque
  • Elektra Belle Epoque service

Belle Epoque

Elektra Belle Epoque - nonstandard Italian coffee maker. High-performance machine with precise setting of the brewing temperature (+/- 1 ° c) helps you to prepare a lot of perfect coffee in a short time. The coffee machine Elektra Belle Epoque Oslo has:
  • Steam/water tap with pivoting knob control,
  • incorporated motor,
  • positive-displacement pump,
  • automatic 5 doses device presetting,
  • sturdy push-button panel with mechanical buttons for distributing coffee with soft touch,
  • energy-saved mode.
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  • Anti-twist unit Steel frame frame with reinforcements in the attack group to avoid twisting.
  • Powerful boiler Patented higher volumes boiler for large steam production.
  • Easy to use Exclusive electronic control of the boiler water temperature.
  • Practical in use Patented double access cup-holder compartment.
  • Water level control The antique-shaped window for controlling the water level in boiler.
  • Economical type Programmable night mode to reduce energy consumption.
Elektra Belle O Vertical 1 Units Semiautomatic Copper
Elektra Belle Epoque Oslo OC Vertical 1 Units Semiautomatic Chrome
Elektra Belle Oslo P1 Vertical 2 Units Automatic Copper
Elektra Belle Epoque service Oslo P1C Vertical 2 Units Automatic Chrome
Elektra Belle service Oslo Q1 Vertical 3 Units Automatic Copper
Elektra Belle Epoque service Q1C Vertical 3 Units Automatic Chrome


Units Boiler Capacity Voltage Frequency Power Height Diametro Weight Shipping Weight Color/material
L V Hz W cm cm kg kg
1 5 110-230 50/60 2200 71+10 Ø40 38 49 Copper, Chrome
2 9 230-400 50/60 3700 89+19 Ø57 53 68 Copper, Chrome
3 12,5 230-400 50/60 5200 95+20 Ø68 72 92 Copper, Chrome
About Elektra Belle Epoque

Elektra says: We believe that the details make the difference. And this slogan is exactly reflected in the design of Elektra Belle Epoque coffee machines.

First, Elektra regularly changes the color of the produced Belle Epoque coffee makers. You acquire an exclusive machine.

Second, the antique style in small elements.

Third, unusual shape combined with high productivity and stable quality of drinks.

All of these help you to buy a machine that can surprise your customers.


Elektra Belle Epoque Oslo

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