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  • Elektra Barlume service Oslo
  • Elektra Barlume Oslo service
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Barlume guarantees high quality of coffee. Soft molds and chrome details make it the best option for trendy and fashionable restaurants in Oslo. As well as to decorate cozy cafes and coffee shops. Elektra Barlume Oslo - coffee machine with:
  • Original Italian design,
  • programmable night cycle helps reduce energy consumption,
  • cup protection cover,
  • chrome / plexiglass opal,
  • colors: white ice or blue,
  • 2 (boiler capacity - 13 liters) or 3 (boiler capacity - 16,5 liters) units.
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  • Precise adjustment The exact brewing temperature (+/- 1 °c).
  • Easily operated Electronic control of the boiler water temperature.
  • Drip tray Increased drip tray for more work space.
  • Dispenser height Increased dispenser units height for making take away beverages.
  • 5 doses device Sturdy push-button panel, with mechanical “soft-touch” buttons.
  • Easy usage Pressure gauge for pump and boiler pressure integrated in one tool.
Elektra Barlume Classic Oslo V1C Barlume 2 Units Automatic Chrome/Plexiglass White ice
Elektra Barlume Oslo V1A Barlume Blue Ocean 2 Units Automatic Chrome/Plexiglass Blue
Elektra Barlume service Z1C Barlume 3 Units Automatic Chrome/Plexiglass White ice
Elektra Barlume service Oslo Z1A Barlume Blue Ocean 3 Units Automatic Chrome/Plexiglass Blue


Units Boiler Capacity Voltage Frequency Power Height Width Depth Weight Shipping Weight Color/material
L V Hz W cm cm cm kg kg
2 13 230-400 50/60 3700 51 85 53 68 84 Chrome-Plexi White ice/Blue
3 16,5 230-400 50/60 5700 51 100 53 79 99 Chrome-Plexi White ice/Blue
About Elektra Barlume

This machine will serve for a long time. Quality materials, High-tech design, accuracy of brewing settings. These are the components that help to make ideal coffee. A cup of fresh coffee will delight your customers. The ease and accuracy in the use of the espresso machine Elektra Barlume allows Barista to show all his/her creativity.


Elektra Barlume in Oslo: sales and service

With Gastropartner AS, you can be sure that your espresso machine is in reliable hands. We provide regular service and maintenance. Contact us for more info.