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THa 10

Bravilor Bonamat THa 10 - freshly brewed fragrant coffee, which you can cook quickly, easily and simply. It has High-tech design - stainless steel with black contrast and high-standard brewing system. Easy to use and maintain coffee machine. Bonamat THa 10 Oslo:
  • Eco-Friendly machine,
  • long service life with low maintenance costs,
  • descaling indicator light,
  • stainless steel filter,
  • “Coffee ready” signal,
  • self-regulating plates support coffee on correct temperature.
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  • Stainless steel filter pan It is used for making tea.
  • Cup warmer unit WHK Electric cup warmer WHK (separate unit).
  • Water filter Device for optimum water quality.
  • Airpot drip-tray To keep the working area clean.
  • Additional options Airpot Furento dispensing unit. Moulded Airpot station for two Airpot units.
  • Airpot Furento unit You can serve fresh filter coffee anywhere.
Total capacity 15 liter
Brewing time 8 minutes
Water connection
Color Dark-grey
Dimensions 215x353x552 mm
Connection 230V¯ 50/60Hz 2015W
Bravilor Bonamat THa 10

Bonamat THa 10 was introduced in 2010. Advantages of this model of the filtering coffee machine are:

First, the ability to brew coffee directly in the distribution of Airpot Furento. Therefore, you can serve fresh filter coffee anywhere.

Secondly, Airpot Furento keeps fresh coffee for a long time, which is especially convenient for use in HoReCa in the morning.

Third, all Bravilor Bonamat THa 10 components are made of high quality materials. The machine will serve for a long time and requires minimal service and maintenance.

With this coffee maker, your customers will enjoy an awesome coffee. And you – excellent quality of the machine with minimal costs for the service.


Bravilor Bonamat THa 10 Oslo

If you need to buy this coffee machine in Oslo, call us. Gastropartner sales and services coffee machines Bravilor Bonamat. We are ready to tell you about price, features and specifics of these machines.