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Matic series

Bonamat Matic Oslo - quick filter machines with modern appearance. High-quality stainless steel with black colour. Bravilor Bonamat Matic are presented in two models:

  • Matic - 1 brewing system and 2 hot plates,
  • Matic Twin - 2 brewing systems and 4 hot plates.

Special features:

  • for ground coffee,
  • disposable filter,
  • water portion adjustment.
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  • Self-regulating hot plates Helps to maintain the optimum quality of coffee.
  • Decanter Bravilor To preserve the aroma of coffee.
  • Automatic filling with water Thanks to the connection to the water mains.
  • Automatic informing When the coffee is ready as well as the machine needs descaling.
  • Exact water measurement Affects the maintenance of a constant quality of coffee.
  • Easy to use Quickly and easily prepared small amounts of filtered coffee.


Bravilor Bonamat Matic Oslo

Matic Twin

Bravilor Bonamat Matic twin Oslo

Hour capacity, liter 15 30


Brewing time, min 6
Water connection
Connection 230V~ 50/60Hz 2140W

110-127V 50/60Hz 1875W

400V 3N~ 50/60Hz 4280W

230V 3~ 50/60Hz 4280W

230V~ 50/60Hz 3460W

Dimensions wxdxh, mm 195x406x446 404x406x446


Bonamat Matic Oslo


Gastropartner AS can help you to choose the best coffee machine according to your needs. Just contact us, and we will answer all your questions.

Our services:

  • sales coffee machines in Oslo, Norway,
  • repair and maintenance of coffee machines Bravilor Bonamat (reparasjon av Bravilor Bonamat).