Bravilor Bonamat service Oslo

Bravilor Bonamat

The company was established in Holland in 1948. Its specialization is the production of professional equipment for coffee and tea. Bonamat coffee machines are widely used in hotels, restaurants, coffee houses, fast foods, canteens, community centers and offices.

Bonamat service Oslo
  • Highly qualified staff

    30-years experience of repair and maintenance of the coffee machines.

  • Constant participation in trainings and seminars on servicing coffee machines Bravilor Bonamat.

  • Equipment control system

    Unique system for accounting and planning of service works.

Bonamat service Oslo
  • Repair in the shortest possible time

    Spare parts warehouse.

  • Understanding the importance of urgent repairs of coffee machines for your business.

  • Warranty and after-warranty service

    With Gastropartner your equipment is in safe hands.

About Bonamat company

A distinctive feature of the company Bonamat is to develop and produce easy maintenance coffee machines with high-quality technologies.

The company offers different products:

  • filter espresso and coffee machines,
  • machines for fresh brewing,
  • various accessories.

Today Bonamat is one of the leaders in the market of filtering coffee machines in Oslo as well as all throughout Europe. Today the company has over 450 dedicated employees. All of them committed to the core goal of developing and producing commercial beverage preparation systems. It has branches in more than 100 countries.


Social responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an important aspect of Bravilor Bonamat company. It is a dedicated ISO 14001 partner. So the manufacture thinks green and manage accordingly. Engineers of the company develop new ways to save energy every day. New energy-saving techniques help to reduce the power consumption of our coffee and espresso machines.

Reliable, long-lasting and safe – the characteristic of Bravilor Bonamat since the foundation.



Bravilor Bonamat service Oslo

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